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Saint Cecilia Medals

Tucked away in the instrument case of many a Catholic musician, you will find a medal of St. Cecilia, patron saint of music.  She is said to have heard heavenly music, while the pagan music of her wedding played, and from this little story grew the musician’s love for her all over the world.

St. Cecilia Circular Medal This circular medal, available in both silver and gold, shows a haloed St. Cecilia playing the organ while a cherubic angel listens. The words, “St. Cecilia pray for us form an arch over their heads.
Oval Medal of Saint Cecilia This oval medal, available in silver and gold, has St. Cecilia with her left arm around a harp, ready to play.  She is kneeling, her haloed head bent over the instrument.
Saint Cecilia Oval Medal

This second oval St. Cecilia medal, again, available in silver and gold, has the beloved saint playing the organ to an audience of angels.  The words, “St. Cecilia pray for us,” are enclosed in a double frame around the image.

Modern St. Cecilia Medal This more modern medal, sold in silver and gold, is especially appropriate for the band musician.  It shows flute, horn and trumpet players joined in concert.  The words, “St. Cecilia, pray for me,” surround the engraving within a double oval.

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